Saturday, November 29, 2008

Genting trip with coursemates

We have decided to go for a 1 day trip at Genting after our final exam!!! There v r:

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lang Tengah

22 of us went for an island trip at Lang Tengah in June.... There v go...... let photos speak!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My 22nd Birthday

Opss.... time flies..... its another year again..... fast, n m 22 adi..... sobsob....
Erm.... nth much special tis yr... same as usual... bought frens dinner n they bought me presents n gifts.... thx a lot, frens!! i like all the gifts, presents, sms, msg, wishes, greetings, n angpao so much... muacks!!!! WY, JY, KC, BH, HL, TK, thx the sun glasses....hehe..., Ivan, thx 4 the jewellery, HC,WC, SC, SK2, thx 4 the sponsorship for nike shoes, my adorable nieces, thx 4 the perfume.... n to the others who sent me sms, sorry la, cant list out the name 1 by 1, but i remember who u guys r!!! thx

KC n me in Market Place

WY n me in Market Place

JY n me at Market Place

TK n me at Market Place


Went to Market Place, KL after dinner to hav a drink... Its a cozy place to chill out.... u can hav dinner or just hav a few drinks ter.... the environment is nice and cozy...

Yummy!!! At Izzi Pizza KL... They were offering half prize on all food menu!!!

The food is quite ok.... consider wonderful for 50% discount....haha